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Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds have the same proportional synthetic and optical qualities as natural diamonds because they are created using sophisticated mechanical processes that mimic the conditions under which genuine diamonds are generated.

Even though they are identical in composition, look, and quality to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are much less expensive.

Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

As a result of being made of a substance that is equivalent to that of natural diamonds, eco diamonds have an identical level of brilliance and shine. They contain real carbon atoms that are properly arranged within the distinctive diamond crystal structure.

Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

The same standards used for grading and certification of mined diamonds also apply to lab-grown diamonds. Given that they are made of crystallized carbon, they pass the diamond tester's test. Natural and lab-grown diamonds are identical.

Cost-effective Lab-Grown Diamonds

Compared to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are 30–40% less valuable. Given that they have the same physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds, lab diamonds are 100% genuine.

Diamond Quality And Purity

Due to the lack of embedded contaminants or dirt, lab-created diamonds are purer than natural diamonds. To assure the highest level of purity, they are produced in carefully regulated settings in specialized labs.

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Eco Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds

The chemical makeup and physical characteristics of lab-grown diamonds and actual diamonds are perfectly identical. At LGD, every diamond is conflict-free, IGI-certified, and backed by a purity guarantee.

Melee Diamonds

Melee Diamonds

Our superbly cut, premium Melee Diamonds will give your diamond jewelry more glimmer and luster. We produce our diamonds in regulated settings in cutting-edge labs to help protect the Earth from the negative consequences of diamond mining procedures. Our lab-grown diamond jewelry is designed with the best quality diamonds, to ensure only the best reaches you.

Special Deals

Special Deals

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